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Island and Mera Peak Climbing

The Everest region is a home for varieties of flora and fauna. Wide range of plants and animals are found in the Everest region. The alluring region is a great place and it challenges the very nature of existence. Sagarmatha National Park (UNESCO world heritage site) is the highest national park in the world and it encompasses most of the species flora and fauna in the region. The plants and vegetation depend upon what time we are visiting the region as different vegetation bloom in different season. Most of the cash crop under cultivation includes wheat, barley, com, potatoes and seasonal veggies. In the lower forest region we can find the forest filled with birch, juniper, pine, firs, bamboo and rhododendron whereas the higher altitude plant life is restricted to lichens and mosses. Plants stop to grow above the altitude of 5750m as this is the permanent snow line in the Himalayas. The National park and the entire reason is decorates with different plant species after the rainfall in June.

The National Park is also a habitat for many endangered animals living in the higher altitude. The animals found in this region have the ability to adopt the chilly weather of the reason. The wild animals like Snow Leopard, Musk deer, wild yak, Himalayan black bear, mountain fix etc are found in this reason. Yaks, buffalos, goats, pigs etc are some animals that are used for farming by the people of this region. The region is also hosts numerous varieties of birds and other reptiles. The Everest reason manages to surprise us with different beautiful flora and fauna despite its diverse geographical distribution and climatic conditions. Maintaining the ecological balance is very crucial to save the endangered plants and animals of this region.