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Mani Rimdu Festival

Both Solu and Khumbu region is a home of different people living in the higher Himalayas. Khumbu region is a habitat of Sherpa people who are rather famous for mountaineering. Different other ethnic groups and minorities can be found in this reason. The reason is also a home for many exiled Tibetans. The Sherpa people are considered to be most hospitable people in the reason. The people living in the Everest region have different tradition, culture and way of living. They live in traditional Sherpa villages of the region. Many Sherpa people are engaged in tourism industry and work as a guide or porters. The people living in the Himalayas are basically engaged in agriculture and animal farming. They have their own way of living and traditional cultures. Most people living in higher Himalayas follow Buddhism as their main religion. An important aspect of Sherpa religion is the monastery or gompa. Many monasteries are found in this region that hosts monks and nuns. They celebrate different festivals like Mani Rimdu, Lhosar, Tiji, Dumje etc. People, culture and tradition of Everest region are yet another attraction in this region.