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Breakfree Adventures Pvt. Ltd. believes in giving back to the charities and organizations that our volunteers dedicate their time and effort towards. As such, we are dedicated to serving the needs of people who live in the remote areas of Nepal, especially for children deprived of basic educational opportunities. We have the firm belief that happy individuals make happy societies, and we endeavor to identify and address a variety of issues that affect the human condition. We help to maintain the balance by supporting various social welfare programs, including educational and cultural activities.

Since the establishment of Breakfree Adventures, our company has been providing supplies, funds and regular volunteer services necessary for schools in the greater Kathmandu region to thrive. We regularly provide meals to undernourished children and books to students who are unable to afford them. Our most recent major contributions have been a large piece of land and new building to the newly opened Jata Shankar Primary School in Katunje 7, Dhading, Nepal. Breakfree Adventures works closely with organizations like Helping Hands Foundation to provide services that help the underprivileged have a brighter future.

We provide relief in times of natural disasters, assists welfare organizations, and supports various similar activities that are conducted in the vicinity of our business. We understand that charity work is not a one time only affair and that the charities we work closely with need our continued care and support. That is why Breakfree Adventures requires no fee to do volunteer work in Nepal. The volunteers our organization places pay no “service” fee, as we know that they are the ones sharing their time and abilities. With the continued support of many dedicated volunteers from around the world, Breakfree Adventures is able to provide the schools and orphanages with consistent help and support.

Our primary focus is to offer the best quality education to needy and poor children and to make them competent and responsible members of society. We abide by and teach the principle that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Charter for social contribution

  • We participate in the well being of society with all of our activities guided by humanitarian beliefs and social ethics.
  • We strive hard to improve the quality of people’s lives and usher more affluence and happiness into our society.
  • We encourage cross-cultural exchange among global communities and campaign to preserve global ecology in order to make our world a better place for our children.
  • We devote ourselves as volunteers in social welfare services and share our benefits with society.
  • We emphasize the education of children living in remote areas.
  • We aim to bring qualitative improvements to the living conditions of orphaned children through better education, health care facilities and career prospects.