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Teahouse Trek Versus Camping Trek

Everest Region
Teahouse Trek (Lodge to Lodge trek)

This is the most popular way of trekking in Nepal. In tea house trek we take you from tea house. We who will take care of all the payments and will organize the places to eat and sleep will provide depending on the size of your group a guide. For accommodation and food, we use the tea house on the trails. However, food will be based on the menu of tea house.

Note: Sometimes, a tea house offers many standard food but chances are very rare since most of the tea houses offers simple basic meals. Although many hotels in the hills are reasonably comfortable, the in some places may be dirty, often smoky. Home chimneys are rare, so room on the 2nd floor of houses can turn into an intolerable smoke houses as soon as someone lights the cooking fire in the kitchen below.

The benefit of tea-house trek is that by arranging our food accommodation locally, we can move at our own pace and set our own schedule and most importantly experience the real life style of the rural people.

Camping Trek

Camping trek is the type of trek where all the trekking gears such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, toilet tents, kitchen tens, kitchen utensils along with a certain numbers of support staff and guide based on the size of the group are provided by Travel Agency. A chief guide will be employed to handle the whole trekking program. However, while you are on a camping trek, you will have to stick to the program and schedule, which is pre-arranged by the chief guide. All meals will be prepared on the way using the fresh vegetables available in the surrounding area. Some tinned food will also be served.

Note: Usually our day on a camping trek starts around 6:30 am after a light breakfast bread, jam, boiled egg, tea or coffee depending on your choice. When you are enjoying the breakfast, our support staff packs up the tents and equipments and move ahead to find another suitable place to prepare food for lunch. Around 12:00 to 1:00 lunch will be served. After lunch, the trek starts again which usually takes 1.5 to 2hrs of walk. Our support staff will put up the tents and will start preparing dinner around 7:00 pm the dinner will be served and the day ends.

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