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Travel Checklist all Holiday, Vacation, Hiking and Trekking gears are available in Kathmandu. You can rent or buy the necessary gears. You can also bring your equipments if you so wish. The weather in the mountains where you do the trekking is mostly chilly in the morning & night with daytime sunshine. Nepal’s Terai weather where you go for jungle safari varies according to season – hot & humid during summers & cold windy winters. Equipment & clothing depend upon how & where you are trekking. Hence, pack all kinds of warm & cool wears.

Here is a list of items suggested by High Altitude Scientific & Technological Research at the Mt. Everest Region in Nepal. Contact us for the details on equipment & clothing details for your particular need.

Suggested Clothing

  • sun hat with visor
  • stocking cap
  • scarf
  • sun glasses
  • sun block (minimum spf 6 for face, 12 for lips)
  • T-shirts (cotton or wool) • comfortable underwear
  • long and short sleeved shirts • polar fleece (pile) jacket
  • wool sweater
  • cotton pants
  • shorts (culturally less acceptable for women)
  • warm pants, e.g., polar fleece (pile)
  • silk long underwear
  • wool long underwear
  • cotton socks
  • wool socks
  • ski jacket (gore-tex shell and down liner, see notes)
  • rain gear (waterproof jacket and pants)
  • tennis shoes
  • hiking boots (broken in!)
  • warm gloves and/or mittens

Trekking Supplies

  • down sleeping bag
  • medium size backpack/rucksack (50 liters)
  • small flashlight or headlamp and batteries (see notes)
  • safety pouch (i.e., money belt) for passport, personal documents, money

Personal Belongings

  • toiletry kit (soap & shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, small scissors, safety pins, mirror)
  • personal pharmacy and first aid kit small sewing kit
  • kleenex
  • toilet paper
  • towel
  • multi-purpose (“Swiss army”) camping knife (NB: knives and scissors must not be carried on the plane as hand luggage and should always be packed with the checked luggage)
  • nylon cord

Various Items

  • camera and film
  • small thermos or water bottle (1/2 liter), trail bars, vitamins
  • umbrella