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Personal Travel Insurance is highly recommended while travelling to Nepal. There are different global sites which provide the Holiday Travel Insurances at a reasonable cost. While buying a Travel Insurance for Nepal, you got to be sure about the Insurance policy that covers the mountainous regions, rescue cost, evacuation, and others activities depending on your preferences. Buying comprehensive package is highly suggested as it loaded with various options, and saves money at the same time. If you fall ill or met with an accident during your trip in Nepal, the personal cost could be very expensive for the tourists. In this case the travel insurance can cover all your costs, and also bears responsibility to manage the trip further accordingly. If you decide to opt out from the trip due to illness, the travel insurance is liable to make arrangements of your departure to your country.

Likewise, if your luggage gets stolen or your money gets pickpocketed, the travel insurance can cover your further costs depending on the situation.

Moreover, if you decided to cut short your trip due to some genuine personal reasons, the travel insurance can make necessary arrangements of your early departure.

However, the policy buyer should always double check what is being covered, and find out if any exclusion might apply regarding different circumstances. Always make sure to inquire about the hidden costs as some insurance companies try to fleece the customers with unnecessary burdens.

If you are travelling in a group, there might be group insurance policies that can help you save money. Usually, the premium gets cheaper for a bigger group.

Some travel insurances have different polices depending on the altitudes you would travel. So, you got to be sure about the place, and the altitude you would travel on. Since, Nepal is a mountain country, while travelling to the base camp of these mountains you have to travel to regions with high altitudes. Finally, always have a printed copy of your policy handy while travelling in Nepal. Also, save an e-copy in your email to retrieve in case the original gets lost or misplaced. If you need any suggestion on finding the Best Travel Insurance for Nepal, please feel free to contact us.